About Us

YMLM (Yayasan Masyarakat Lestari Malaysia, YMLM)

Founded in 2014, YMLM is a well-known charity organisation in Malaysia. We actively raise funds and organise charity activities or events to help people in need, poverty, sickness and disability.

We believe social care is the basis for the advancement of human civilization as well as the welfare and prosperity of society and country.

With regards to this, YMLM adopted 12 organisations, including elderly care centres, orphanages, disability centres, to deliver social care and funds to make them a colourful life and better living standards.


Received the recognition from Registry of Societies Malaysiabased on the laws Registry of Societies Malaysia of “AKTA PERTUBUHAN 1996 (SEKSYEN 7)”.


  • Contributions from the community are to be used for the good of the community.
  • To bring care and benefits to the community.


  • To build a charity fund to aid the disadvantaged Individuals venture into business or entrepreneurship.
  • To provide continuance financial and supplies assistance to the disadvantaged groups.  
  • To form volunteer groups to encourage educational and sports activities, also
    to develop awareness of crime prevention and anti -drugs.